The Danish publishing house Gyldendal will be the first in the world to publish new edition of House of Cards
Dato: 30. oktober 2013

Gyldendal, the largest and oldest publishing house in Denmark, will be the first in the world to publish a newly revised edition of House of Cards by British politician and author Michael Dobbs. The novel was the inspiration behind the eponymous Netflix success. Encouraged by Gyldendal, Michael Dobbs accepted the challenge of creating a new ending. However, that soon led to a revision of the entire book. Because, as the author puts it:

»I hadn't re-read it since I typed ‘The End’ twenty-five years ago. When I did read it once again, I thought it was still a great story but showed some signs of being a 'first effort'. I've learned a lot about the art of storytelling in those years, so without wishing to change the spirit of the book in any way, I thought I would do the reader and my own ego a favour by tightening it up«.

Michael Dobbs’ new edition not only boasts changes to the plot, the main character Francis Urquhart, his childhood, and his relationship with the young journalist Mattie Storin. The author also tightened the dialogue considerably and wrote entire new passages, making the story cooler and even wickeder.

The House of Cards series is a trilogy. For now, Michael Dobbs has no plans of revising the second and third volume.

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About Gyldendal:
Gyldendal was founded in 1770. It is the oldest and largest publishing house in Denmark and one of the leading publishers of fiction, non-fiction, and teaching materials in the country.

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